Torre Bertona overlooks the splendid view of Todi, which is found at only three kilometers away on the hill just in front.

Todi is an authentic and fascinating town that rightly benefits from a great fame as a touristic landmark, interesting to explore in its meandering underground of the Roman period as well as because of the elegant grace of its steep medieval roads. Todi offers a vivacious cultural life that shows through numerous activities over the course of the year, not only because of the importance of its well preserved monuments but also due to its reputation at the international level as one of the most liveable towns in the world.

Its central location makes Todi a particularly advantageous starting point for those who are interested in artistic towns as well as the gastronomy and viniculture of Umbria and more generally of central Italy.

Visiting Todi is a very enjoyable experience, either during the morning hours when the square reverberates with the sound of community life, or in the evening when the town reveals again the austere fascination of its thousand years old history.

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appartamento per vacanze ariel

Ariel is the largest vacation apartment, situated on the highest floor of the building and from which one can enjoy the splendid panorama of Todi as well as the countryside at the opposite end.

appartamento in villa domus picta
Domus Picta

In this vacation apartment, the restored stone moldings from the original construction, as well as the remaining traces of the primitive murals, are testimonies of a long home life use.

appartamento per vacanze angelus novus
Angelus Novus

In this elegant self catering apartment, the impressive antique beams blend harmoniously with the elegant floor made of large grey slabs.


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