General conditions

1) Case di Torre Bertona (CTB) is a privately owned home and is a registered Holiday Apartments Rental. CTB offers apartment rentals for the purpose of tourism both directly and through its representatives. The minimum rental period is one week, from Saturday to Saturday.

2) The weekly apartment rental fee quoted by CTB is in European Euros and includes the cost of lodging and all utilities (electricity, water, cooking gas,  WiFi Internet) except heating, based on meter reading, and telephone. Thirty percent of the rental fee is due as a down payment before occupation of the apartment, and the remaining seventy percent is due upon departure from CTB. The balance of the heating (read off a meter) must be paid upon departure. CTB  accepts down payments made by direct bank transfer or PayPal. The balance due upon arrival may be paid in cash and by traveller’s or personal check.

3) CTB only accepts guests who have made advance reservations. Reservations are accepted by phone or e-mail only. Guests must indicate the apartment desired, dates of stay, and number of guests when they make their reservation. If any of this information changes, the original reservation will be cancelled and a new one must be made.
Reservations are held tentatively until CTB receives a down payment securing the reservation. CTB must receive a down payment within thirty days of the date the reservation was made. If CTB has not received a down payment within these thirty days, the reservation may be cancelled. If we receive a second request for the same apartment and the same dates, the first party to make reservations must make a down payment within ten days, or the reservations revert to the second party. The first party will be notified by fax, telephone, or email if there is a second request for the apartment.

The amount of the down payment is 30% of the total rental fee. This down payment is refundable until 30 days before the first night of the reservation. After this date, the down payment is no longer refundable.
If we are able to rent the apartment to another party for the period reserved by you, you will receive a 100% refund of your down payment.

Only upon receipt of this down payment are reservations considered confirmed. When the down payment is received, CTB sends the following information:

•Official reservation confirmation. This serves as both a receipt for your down payment and proof of reservation. This is an important voucher and must be shown upon arrival at CTB at the beginning of your stay. If you cannot produce this voucher, you may not be allowed to occupy the apartment reserved. This voucher is only valid for the specific guests indicated on it. The transferral of vouchers from one party of guests to another, or the addition of guests, is prohibited. If CTB discovers a discrepancy between the name and number of guests indicated on the reservation voucher and those occupying the apartment, you will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund.
•Street directions and a map to CTB

4) All guests are required to make a damage deposit of EUR 200.00. This damage deposit must be made upon arrival at CTB, and must be made either by personal check, cash, or traveler’s checks. Guests who do not make a damage deposit upon arrival will not be allowed to occupy their reserved apartment. This damage deposit is completely refunded at guest’s departure, barring damage to property or possessions of CTB. This includes damage to structure, furnishings, furniture, equipment, or surrounding estate. Damage claims are at the discretion of CTB and must be paid at time of departure.

5) Check-in time is from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm on the first Saturday of the reservation. Check-out time is from 8:00 am to 10:00 am on the final Saturday of the reservation. Please try to observe these times, as CTB must clean and service apartments between guests. Please notify CTB of any conflicts before the arrival or departure date. 

6) Upon their arrival, guests must present CTB with their reservation voucher, their damage deposit, and passports or identification cards (for EC citizens) for registration purposes (as required by Italian law). Guests are then provided with a key to their apartment, which they maintain for the duration of their stay and which must be returned to CTB upon departure.

7) CTBis not responsible for transportation of guests to and from airports or for the duration of their stay.

8) Each apartment at CTB is furnished with a kitchen or kitchen corner. Guests are responsible for their own meals for the duration of their stay. CTB services and cleans the apartments between guests, but guests are responsible for maintaining their own housekeeping and laundry for the duration of their stay. Guests are not required to clean their apartment before vacating it, but those who leave an excessively dirty or disorderly apartment upon their departure will be charged a EUR 50.00 supplementary cleaning fee, at the discretion of CTB and to be paid at time of departure. CTB asks that guests wash their dishes and wipe down the kitchen before their departure. Guests who neglect to do this will be charged the supplementary cleaning fee. Guests who rent apartments for more than one week may ask to have the apartment serviced and cleaned on the second Saturday of their stay. This is free of charge.

9) CTB is a private property and is surrounded by neighboring private properties. CTB asks guests to be respectful of fellow guests and neighbors. If guests fail to adhere to the common code of courtesy, CTB retains the right to ask them to immediately vacate the apartment. They do not receive a refund.

10) CTB is insured against injury and accident of guests. For more information, please contact CTB directly.

11) CTB welcomes children, but if guests have infants, they must notify CTB when making reservations. CTB is only able to provide a crib and high chair for infant guests if notified in advance.  Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

12) Domestic animals or pets of small size are admitted but must be notified in advance. They are admitted only if used to respect furniture and furnishing.

13) Smoking is permitted outdoors only. Cigarette, pipe, and cigar smoking are prohibited inside all CTB apartments

14) CTB does not give refunds in case of bad weather, insect bites, seismic activity, power or water service interruption for causes beyond our control, or insatisfaction with the features of the apartment listed in our brochure.

15) Please be aware that Italian energy conservation statutes strictly control the heating of private properties in Italy. We are only allowed to heat our home from November to April, and the inside temperature is strictly controlled. The use of heat outside that period is at the request of the guest.

16) In the event of any dispute, the court of law of Perugia will have jurisdiction.

17) If, upon reading these General Conditions, you have a question or problem, you must immediately contact CTB. All guests who receive the General Conditions are assumed to have read, understood, and agreed to points 1 through 17. You do not receive a refund if there is any dispute regarding these Conditions after your arrival.

Choose your vacation apartment.

appartamento per vacanze ariel

Ariel is the largest vacation apartment, situated on the highest floor of the building and from which one can enjoy the splendid panorama of Todi as well as the countryside at the opposite end.

appartamento in villa domus picta
Domus Picta

In this vacation apartment, the restored stone moldings from the original construction, as well as the remaining traces of the primitive murals, are testimonies of a long home life use.

appartamento per vacanze angelus novus
Angelus Novus

In this elegant self catering apartment, the impressive antique beams blend harmoniously with the elegant floor made of large grey slabs.


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